Musical chairs


From left: Martin Palmer, Colin Scofield and Susanne Deneke

The official end of season came on Tuesday, 21st June,  when our AGM was held at Richard Lander School. It was well attended and included several key changes to the committee. We sadly had to say goodbye to Susanne Deneke – only as Chair, though – and happily welcome Colin Scofield in as her replacement. Susanne had been Chair for six years and, to thank her for applying her extremely calm and capable gubernatorial skills to TCS affairs over that time, former Chair Ian Halford presented her with flowers and Waterstones and Plaza vouchers worth £200 on behalf of the choir. Fortunately, Susanne will be staying on as a singer – and adviser, if necessary. In her final report as Chair, she spoke of how it had been “a great honour and privilege to serve this wonderful choir”. Colin has already served on the committee for several years as Publicity Officer and Making Music Representative and we are grateful for him taking up his new role so readily.

We also were delighted to welcome two new committee members: Jill Nicholls and Stefanie Helmle. Post AGM, Colin said, “What persuaded me to accept the job of Chairman was the knowledge that we will continue with the same team who, as Susanne has said, have proved so able and willing in the past. Stefanie and Jill will strengthen us even more.”

We also enjoyed poetry (and Maltesers, of course) from MD Martin Palmer, which one day we hope to be able to publish in full. However, like a Homeric epic, it can only be preserved orally for the time being (ie until Secretary Liz Keasley can decipher the stanzas from the scribblings annotations).

The committee sends huge thanks to those who attended the AGM and to all members for making the choir the force that it is today. We wish you a happy summer and look forward to all the pleasure Season 2016/17 will bring. See you in September.